4 thoughts on “Why is Prostitution Illegal?

  1. David

    You fail to see many points. Prostitution has nothing to do with free women in power and men who are afraid of them. Prostitution is illegal because of the spread of STD’s and similar infections. Being a wife isnt a job, its about being in love. We all have our gender roles. That isnt to say we are limited to only those roles, but merely that is the nature of being human. We are nothing but far more intelligent animals. You see the same kind of thing take place with absolutely every animal in the animal kingdom. To say that Marriage is the cause of debt, abuse, and depression amongst women is fool hardy. And I would like to mention the amount of Prostitutes that get murdered every year, its a staggering number if you want to look it up. Is that what you want for your women? To be raped and murdered as part of her profession? I love and respect my girl friend, maybe one day marriage will happen, maybe it wont. It all depends on what SHE wants to do. I cant make her do anything. And any guy who thinks they can is a pig, but to say ALL marriage is the same pretty much makes this boarder line propaganda.

  2. admin Post author

    Let’s put it this way, say prostitution is legal.

    If you want to a relationship with mariage like terms, why not write your own contract:

    We can think of marriage as prostitution with a more complicated terms.

    Even if you prefer marriage, you can always get married anyway if prostitution is legal. Just change the term of the purchase.

    Okay, I would purchase sex from you, but we will call it marriage or rutabaga or holy something. I agree that I will be responsible for bastard child you make should you fuck around with other guy. Also your severance pay is 50% of my potential earning. You will actually earn more out of this relationship if you divorce me and bang others than if you stick with me.

    What kind of people would make that kind of deal?

    Maybe some would. Okay marriage may be consensual. However, currently most normal alternatives are legal. You see what the issue is?

    As for prostitute getting murdered or spreading STD. That’s a different issue. That’s murder and STD issue which should be illegal or regulated.

    Even if you prefer marriage, you can always get married anyway if prostitution is legal. Just change the term of the purchase.

    I fail to see how making both equally legal and just see what consumers choose can make any consumers’ worst off, except those who can’t compete.

    Even if there is some bad things in prostitution like STD, legalization doesn’t mean enforcement. You do not have to go to a prostitute if it were legal. Just don’t.

  3. technogeist

    It’s only illegal because religious people think it is “wrong/immoral”, unfortunately religious idiots are the majority still so it hasn’t changed yet. Making it legal wouldn’t change anything except perhaps making it safer and having taxes be collected from it. Prohibition is not a price-control at all, there are $30 street “hookers” and $30,000+ “call-girls”, the price simply reflects the demand.


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