Is this Hate or Love?

Differentiating which one hate you and which one love you is essential for gene pool survival. Let’s try a few sample.

Nazi killed Jews out of love or hatred for the Jews?
Terrorists commit suicide bombing toward hedonist tourists out of love or hatred for the tourists?
Muslim mobs stone those who have sex outside of marriage out of love or hatred for the adulterers?
Religious fundamentalists send people to jail for watching porn or hiring prostitute out of love or hatred for prostitutes and their customers?
Feminist prevent women from being consensually trafficked to mate with rich males out of love or hatred toward the trafficked women?
Government prevent kids from watching porn out of love or hatred for the kids?
Government regulate marriage out of love or hatred for those who prefer different arrangements?
Government prohibit ecstasy, which is far saver than cigarette and alcohol, out of love or hatred for users?

The answer is pretty complex. Quite often we help others not out of love, but simply because our interest coincide with them. Quite often we hurt others out of hatred, but simply because our interests are the opposite of them. However, that, in a sense, are hatred.

For example, we punish thieves not out of pure hate. We simply think that the guy will serve as samples of those who screw us. However, we can count that as hatred too and well, we hate thieves right? In a sense, all of our natures, are simply branch of our main desire namely greed. Others are just names on various ways we achieve that one goal.

US government shot an Airplanes full of civilians because there are terrorists there. Obviously this is not hatred. But is it? Imagine if their own family is in the airplane, would they go the extra mile? It’s simply lack of love because they don’t care enough. So hatred and love is relative too. The shooting happen because the decision makers love more people that could have died than the one in the airplanes. Which is very understandable.

The same way we can argue that terrorists do not hate us, they simply love their own gene pool survival and respect so much they prefer to kill us. Well, that depends on how we define hate and love then, which is getting too complex without math.

Knowing whether people love you or hate you, and how much they do, is essential. Underestimating hatred can be catastrophic.

Written in front of concentration camp is a writing “Arbeit macht frei”. Jews didn’t realize that the Nazi hated them so much. They think the Nazi are some body that can be worked out. So they surrendered their gun. They comply with the laws. And they’re death as predicted by anyone that understand true human nature of getting in each others’ way.

People of Baghdad surrendered to Mongol. They didn’t realize how much hatred, or intensive to hurt, Mongol’s have against those who do not surrender early.

Again whether hatred is justified or not will be a different issue. Usually those masked heavily as love are the one least justified.

One thought on “Is this Hate or Love?

  1. Marvin

    It got me, it’s exactly what i think with really good examples, who is capable to contradict this after reading it? i believe no one,,, and i love nature and its beauty,, i love peace impossible to get to it with all those disturbed mind or am i the wrong one i bet out there are lot of minds that hate what i love and i hate the ones that destroy what i love and there comes the conflict,,, but power will win and the rest of us will have to try to get along with it.


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