Is Government Regulated Marriage Consensual?

Imagine the world where all consensual sex are legal. Imagine if porn, prostitution, polygamy, polyandry are legal. Imagine if marriage is completely privatized.

How many people would choose to agree to something exactly the same as their government’s definition of marriage? How many people, if marriage is totally privatized, will draft the exact same marriage contract that their government have now?

How many people would agree to go to jail for 14 years like Beatty Chadwick if they draft their own marital contract? How many people would demand money proportional to the their mate’ wealth in exchange of sexual favor? How many people prefer high severance pay (alimony) instead of high salary when negotiating with a potential mate? How many people would prescribe that the state of their resident will decide the amount of severance pay each party will get. How many men and women truly desire exclusivity in a mate in comparison to say, getting a higher quality mate or higher monetary compensation?

If marriage is consensual, the number will be the same with the number of married people. Is the number the same? What accounts for the differences? Will the factors that contribute the differences consensual?

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