Can what you see decide how your children looks like

We can experiment putting a big poster of the handsome milk man next door, showing six packs, in front of our wives when we mate. Then we can check what percentage of our children somehow look more like him. Alternatively we can also show pics of the young nubile school girls in front of the husbands and see how the school girls’ babies look like.

It only works if what you see actually change your mates. It doesn’t work if you just mate with the same mate and see different things.

I just want to add to Avi answer that is the most correct. You don’t need religion to explain this.

The kind of kids the sheeps will produce depends only on the genes of those sheeps. Those genes depend on the genes of the male sheeps that more successfully mate with the ewes. What kind studs the ewes end up mating with? Now that’s a function of what the ewes actually see when they are selecting mates. In sheeps, the time they select mates is not far from the time they actually mate.

In fact, ewes, like all females, want to max out the number of their grand children. If ewes see too many pattern of the same kind, those ewes will think that the pattern is the trend and be more submissive toward studs with the same pattern.

So the story as described in is correct.

In fact, if the bible just write when the ewes are selecting mates rather than when the ewes actually mates, I think most scientists would agree. Most people are not aware that ewes, unlike humans, don’t have long courting period, becoming boyfriend or girlfriends first. They pretty much mate right away after sexual selection.

I would like to add another interesting point. It works on humans too, till now :) In fact, till now, most humans would go the extra mile manipulating what other humans see so that their kind looks “better” than the rest. Those who do it better will get selected more and survive better in the gene pool. Humans would also go the xtra mile of degrading or removing the images of those they perceive as superior competitors.

Quite recently Satoshi Kanazawa, an evolutionary psychologist, get canned for arguing that black women are not attractive. Whether it’s true or not is beyond this (too politically incorrect and I want friends not enemies).

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You see, humans are mostly (but not purely) monogamous. If males think that black women are not attractive, it too will decide the kind of kids that will be more common in the next generation.

Many fat women would want to remove super thin photo models from advertising for the exact same reason. When men see thin models future kids will indeed be thinner. That means the fat will go extinct by the way for failing to find a good mate.

What else? Yea feminazis would go the extra mile convincing the world that women are not sex objects. Otherwise, beautiful women that don’t mind becoming sex objects will indeed be the next generation of women. That means ugly feminazis will go extinct.

What else? Yea, single males would go the extra mile convincing everyone that no women could possibly want to share. Poor males would argue that all women that are paid for sex must have done that non consensually. Also we have images that older richer males using money to attract women are perverts. Those images is the reason why the poor actually breed more than the rich. It’s the reason why redistribution of wealth keeps getting bigger and bigger. It’s the reason why future kids are poor and violent.

If we want to change that, just put images of nice rich smart jewish bankers as studs paying thrilled hotties for quickies in sitcoms all over the world and see what future kids will look like.

Then what? Dumb blonde jokes. Many entertain that so they can get rid more attractive blonde women from mating market.

What else? Anti semitics would argue jews are inferior. As usual, the truth is usually the opposite of what’s politically correct. Within a few decades there were indeed fewer jews.

So yes, the kind of kids that will be common in the next generation does depend on what everybody see when they’re finding a mate (or decide who to kill). For sheeps the time you find your mate is about the same time you are actually mating. For humans, there are significant delays.

Yes it’s a miracle too. Because it works in ways most people do not know. Perhaps all miracles are just like that. There are hidden science that’s too politically incorrect to be seen. Those science never gets mainstream. So people access that anyway through faith, prayer, etc.

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